Via Mare by Sea



Considering the transitional funding period highlighted by PNRR, a portion (32% of the total amount, 163.4 million out of 500 million) has already been allocated through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on December 5th last year. This funding is dedicated to programs related to the “sea”, benefiting specific approved companies. These companies are unique holders of environmentally friendly propulsion technologies, emphasizing the reduction of climate-altering gas emissions. The funds are intended for the renewal of fast ferry fleets or the modernization of ships under construction.

HydroTransmission CDS application in wire hull

However, it is important to note that the identification of beneficiaries has been only “partially achieved”. Therefore, it is crucial during this period to support Italian technologies and patents that possess characteristics such as low environmental impact propulsion, energy efficiency, decarbonization effects, and hyper-oxygenation of the sea.

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