Via Mare by Sea




I’m very pleased to announce the new publication of the Via Mare By Sea magazine. In recent years, the sectors dealing with the subject of the magazine which mainly focuses on the design and construction of all structural parts made with raw materials and chemical products, have not had significant evolutions in both formulation and use. In the field of mold design and manufacturing, we are curious to know what type of contribution the artificial intelligence (AI) can make. Following the Green Deal, a revolution is born in most chemicals which have been used so far, and they will have to comply with the legislation that REACH imposes on all companies which manufacture and use chemical products. To ensure that companies can develop to be more virtuous in terms of emissions and safeguarding the planet, the European Community has allocated 1000 billion euros so that all companies can make investments to guarantee zero impact of their production process. As a matter of consequence, all formulations and products have been upgraded such as: epoxy and other resins, various types of reinforcing fibres, structural adhesives, sealants, gel coats, various types of additives such as release agents, waxes and others products based on silicone, fillers, anti-corrosion, coating products for the finishing process and other products that contribute to the creation of hulls and decks. It is clear that as a result, a new period starts which sees us at the forefront in giving you all the required information so that you can adapt to what is required by the European Community. Therefore, we will obviously inform you about all these new products and new formulations and innovations that the chemical products industry will make available for the entire marine and naval industry sector. Should you need further information, the editorial team is available to put you in contact with all the technicians who we believe are qualified to answer your questions and who can at the same time help you solve your problems.


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