Via Mare by Sea



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Via Mare-by Sea, born in 2000, is an Italian/English technical magazine dedicated to the marine industry.

The magazine’s readers are: engineers, technicians, yacht designers, boat builders and shipyards of any sized.
Companies operating in the following areas will be able to collaborate on these various topics:
– chemical industries of raw materials, composite materials and gel coats
– paints, adhesives and sealants industries
– plastics, rubber and similar industries
– chemical industries involved in detergency, cleaning and polishing
– reinforcing fibers and fabrics industries, woven-non-woven fabric
– maintenance equipment and accessories industries
– covering materials, furniture and armament industries
– industries of various types of marine engines
– engineering and design studies
– marine technicians and professionals
– industries all operating in the marine sector.

Via Mare By Sea provides information and comments about building materials, processes, technologies, equipment, yacht accessories and updates on new products with particular attention to anti-pollution processes, energy saving and new propulsion technologies.

Thanks to the combined print and digital distribution, it is read by approximately 25,600 worldwide professionals of the sector.


Managing Director
Gian Battista Pècere

Editorial Assistant

Emanuela Rozzoni

Advertising Italy

Mara Frigerio

Editorial Office and International Advertising

Tina Matera

Editorial Office and International Advertising

Antonio Grillo

Art Director

Cesar Bohorquez