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Two specific trends are relevant to today’s marine coatings industry.

  1. The rise of high-performance coatings

The market for high-performance anti-corrosion coatings is booming. These innovative coatings provide a barrier against corrosion for substrates that are frequently subjected to the harsh corrosive conditions frequently experienced in marine environments. In terms of demand, epoxy coatings account for over 55% of the global high-performance anti-corrosion coatings market. However, acrylic coatings is the fastest-growing product segment. Some of the latest products in this area use nanotechnology to create small protective particles that fill in all the microscopic surface imperfections and bond together. The result is a smooth finish over the tiny invisible holes and cracks that are present in even the cleanest, newest boats. The result is a smoother surface that prevents algal growth, and resists exhaust marks, oily streaks, glue residue and other dirt.

  1. Coatings for sub-zero conditions

In the harsh polar environments, temperatures can drop to well below -50°C. Special hull coatings are indispensable to improve a vessel’s performance in ice, maintain its speed, and also contribute to reducing fuel consumption and costs. When applied to the hull, these special coatings reduce its roughness, reducing the chance of ice accumulation. Specialized coatings are also available which have significant resistance to ice abrasion and impact with icebergs. They are therefore beneficial to vessels such as icebreakers that are required to spend considerable time in ice-covered waters.

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